Wax Seal and Stamper

Wax Seal and Stamper

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Nothing is quite so satisfying as cracking open a seal on an envelope. 

A beautiful representation of your monogram set in wax.

Available in a range of exquisite colours designed to perfectly compliment our beautiful envelopes. 

We have two options:

- A Custom Self Adhesive Wax Seal Sticker - Made of wax with an uneven border, these clever stickers look exactly like the real thing, without the fuss of melting the wax yourself. We will happily attach these to your envelopes at no further cost.

- Beads of sealing wax are provided to emboss your custom design into the envelope with your sealer. This is a DIY option, however if you would like TYA to seal the envelopes for you, please add the 'White Glove' option to your cart.

Please select your colour wax at checkout, or you're welcome to email us for advice on which will accent your envelope best.

Both options come with your own sealing stamper to keep and use again and again on all of your future stationery items.