We want you to walk into your home, see our art and feel a deep sense of relief...that 'Ah, there you are' moment of recognition that your home represents who you are and gives you a sense of private sanctuary.
Event Stationery

We want your guests to open their invitations and immediately know that you are embedded in the design and emotion of your invitation. A there you are moment for your loved ones.
The First glimpse of a personalised love fest, not just another event.

Who We Are

There You Are is a fine art design studio nestled in Newport Beach on Sydney's Northern Beaches.
Their creative flow is infused with nature's best inspirations; think the sound of crashing waves, the rustling of gum leaves and the joy-filled song of friendly butcher birds and king parrots, the smell of smokey winters and all the good things!
The founder of There you Are is Danielle Nash raising her 3 children Hazel, Delilah and Rowan alongside her husband Pete in their beloved 60's home 'The Gridhouse'.
The Arts have always been a major element of her life, with music and performance mixing with fine arts. She originally studied Art history and journalism in Lyon, France, a city known for being one of the creative hubs of the world.
Life has had a few bumps along the way for Danielle and celebrating life's milestones has become truly important.
There You Are specialise in bespoke stationery design for those major life stepping stones, creating beautiful keepsake invitations that have you immersed into them. A carefully curated portfolio of popular semi-customisable designs is available, with plans to add sustainable homewares to the mix soon!
We love a chat and would be delighted to hear from you.  
Drop us an email, or pop into the studio.