The Finer Details

The finer details



Announcing your day of love with tactile paper is the most lovely way to welcome your guests. We print on the most sumptuous paper, carefully chosen by us to accentuate our designs.


Gmund - It is 100% cotton (recycled) and has a smooth texture. It comes in an off white, bright white and a handful of other colours in the following weights 110gsm | 300gsm | 450gsm | 600gsm. Gmund is our recommended paper for a large range of corporate projects and modern/contemporary wedding invitations.


Indi - Each sheet of paper is individually made by hand and is made from 100% recycled cotton rag, is acid free, chlorine free, bleach free and archival. For kicking your wedding invitations into the next level, this paper is unique.


Linen - Lettra combines a soft fluffy finish with a firm fine hold. Cotton fibres are naturally long, and elegantly blend into a subtle grain to form a luxuriously smooth look and feel. Available in a variety of tones, Lettra is the perfect paper to mark your official wedding announcement.


Wood – With three different colours to choose from, wood is a gorgeously understated way to set your invitations apart. Keep in mind that wood is a naturally imperfect product with variations in knots, grain and tones - even within the same sheet. That’s why we love it. Each piece is totally unique - just like you.


Vellum – Translucent and light bending, vellum is an elegant addition to your invitation suite, whether as a belly band or ‘veil piece’ for your main invitation, vellum allows designs to sing whilst giving a hint of what’s underneath.


 Acrylic disclaimer

We print on recyclable paper or paper that can be recyclable. It’s for this reason that we won’t print on Acrylic. It’s trending right now and we agree, it's beautiful and modern.​But it’s plastic and if it's got your details on it, as beautiful as they are, it's a one off disposable item for your guests. #sorrynotsorry 



We have a range of gorgeous coloured envelopes handpicked colours for TYA, however, if there’s a colour that you’d like that you don’t see offered, please let us know and we will source it! Complete your invitations, save the dates or thank you cards with printing on your envelopes. This can include printing of your guest delivery address (envelope front) and your return address (envelope flap). We offer digital printing on envelope in fonts and colours to compliment your suite.

If you choose address printing for your envelopes, we will provide you with a spreadsheet to complete and return to us for printing. Any spare unprinted envelopes will be included in your final parcel as well.


Envelope liners

Envelope liners are a great way to add a pop of colour of individualism. Envelope Liners are an optional extra and are a lovely addition to any suite. Each liner is printed to order and inserted into your envelopes by hand.



Family Crests and monograms are a gorgeous keepsake for your wedding, part of the design fee includes the creation of a personalised unique Monogram. Monograms date back to 350BC (woah right?!) and have been used for royalty, important individuals and of course branding. But more notably, historically when a couples got married they had a monogram created for them. This was used on their stationery, linen and clothing. This is a tradition I’d like to give back to our couples. A monogram that you can use forever. 


Belly bands

Belly bands elegantly organize your suite and enhance the anticipation of the unravelling of your invitation.