Bees of the Eora

Bees of the Eora

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This listing is for an archival print of an original watercolour Australian bee paintings, lovingly composed into a mandala, showcasing the beauty and variety in our bee population in Sydney/Eora Nation/Gadigal.

Bees included are: Blue banded bees (Amegilla cingulata),  Teddy bear bees (Amegilla bombiformis), Metallic Green Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa (Lestis)), Gold Nomia Bee (Nomia australica), Banksia Bee (Hylaeus alcyoneus), Neon Cuckoo Bee, (Thyreus nitidulus), Leafcutter bee (Megachile sp.), The native stingless bee (Tetragonula carbonaria), Reed Bee (Exoneura robusta), Domino Cuckoo Bee (Thyreus lugubris),  Great Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa)

We currently have a limited edition batch of 80 that are 50 x 50cm in size.

These fine art prints have been personally scanned and colour tuned by the artist with an amazing amount of detail. Each print is hand signed, numbered and dated.

They are NOT framed.

Please note: Colours may vary slightly due to calibration differences in monitors.

100% recycled paper. Printed in Sydney, Australia.