For Beirut - Cyclamen
For Beirut - Cyclamen
For Beirut - Cyclamen
For Beirut - Cyclamen
For Beirut - Cyclamen
For Beirut - Cyclamen

For Beirut - Cyclamen

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The Cyclamen is the national flower of Lebanon, its capital Beurut suffered from a huge explosion on the 4th of August.  2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate detonated at a warehouse in the port and killed more than 190 people. 
In addition to the fatalities, thousands were injured and as many as 300,000 left homeless.
Amongst the Covid worry, Lebanon has been attempting to care for those injured and suffering.
We would like to help.
We have had SO many Lebenese brides in the past and we have first hand expereince of their beautiful caring families. 
We are donating a portion of these sales to the Lebenese Red Cross.
Three or Four Cyclamen - a poem by Dahlia Ravikovitch
Three or four white cyclamen       
and I've got another extra-leafy plant               
that will not stop climbing toward the ceiling           
and I've got troves of treasure
and I've got a little secret, nothing bad,           
that flows in the veins of my hand
and colors my blood a glowing red.              
You've got plenty of bills on your mind.   
You're not thinking about me, not talking,  
up there with all that highfalutin stuff                
you're hovering                           
like a delicate mist that consorts with the clouds             
and sprayeth upon them the pearly dust of dawn.
I always knew you would treat me this way.
This is just a little story                       
with no hidden meaning.         
But that mountain descending right into the sea   
straight down into clear turquoise waters       
has forgotten all about you.
That mountain is mine, all mine,   
not yours.
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