Red Tailed Resilience (2020)

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' Red-
tailed Bedouins
of Poetry, black
cockatoos embroider
the sun into us,
seam-rip it asunder.
On the Fitzroy's
bank at midday,
cracking seeds of eucalypts
that outrank Council, a hundred
Banks' black cockatoos,
a paroxysm of commas.

With their subtler
ions, the females infinitely
more beautiful
than the ludicrously coloured gatherers.

The gospel according to the locals:
'Four black cockatoos
kreeing seawards
means four days of rain'
( confirms it).
I am not a God-fearing man.'
- Stuart Barnes
An original signed watercolour painting by Danielle Nash
Professionally stretched and framed in an oak floating frame, ready to hang.
Finished size 24x16" / 61x40cm
Featuring coastal banksia (Banksia Intergrifolia) and a male and female red tailed black cockatoo.