There’s Nothing Like the Sun (2020)

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There’s Nothing Like the Sun

'There’s nothing like the sun as the year dies,
Kind as it can be, this world being made so,
To stones and men and beasts and birds and flies,
To all things that it touches except snow
Whether on mountains side or street of town.
The south wall warms me: November has begun,
Yet never shone the sun as fair as now
While the sweet last-left damsons from the bough
With spangles of the morning’s storm drop down
Because the starling shakes it, whistling what
Once swallows sang …'

Edward Thomas

An original signed watercolour painting by Danielle Nash
Professionally stretched and framed in an oak floating frame, ready to hang.
Finished size 30x30" / 76x76cm
Featuring coastal banksia (Banksia Intergrifolia) and the sweetest little Gang Gang Cockatoo ( Callocephalon fimbriatum)